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Reasons for Listening to European Music

Someone once told me that listening to music that wasn’t in English was a worthless pursuit. You can’t understand the words, let alone the emotion behind it. While the person was right to state that everything sounded like gibberish to me, they were absolutely wrong in saying I can’t get anything out of it.

Since when did the classical music need words to sing the praises of God? Since when did jazz music need coherent sentences to communicate the African-American experience? Since when did electronic, dubstep, “wub-wub,” or whatever need lyrics to make people dance?


Music is About the Experience

The experience starts when you plug in your headphones and click play. From the beginning to the end of the song, the artist will move you up, down, and around and it will close, leaving you wanting more (well the best songs). You think about the song for a few seconds and move on to the next. But then, you can be walking to class and that song won’t get out of your head until you play it again.

It costs a lot of money to travel to Europe. When you’re a college student like me, it’s a fortune. Music lets us close our eyes and escape and connect with historically rich and vibrant cultures. You get to see through your ears the castles, the stone-paved roads, and the failing economy. You don’t need a plane to experience all this. I can attest that I even smell the cappuccinos and croissants when I’m on the smelliest and nastiest subway in the world. Let me tell you, it takes a lot to hide the scents of NYC’s terrible trains with audio.

Feel the Power of the Human Voice

There’s more to our voices than the words we say.  How we annunciate and pronounce words with our vocal chords is powerful in and of itself. Our voices can be soft one moment and SCREAMING THE NEXT! Those nodes in your throat, they’re our instruments. Words can instill us to change our thoughts but our voices can stir our hearts.

Listening to foreign and European music is beautiful because you learn after listening to a variety of European nations, that each language has its own voice. Italians emit powerful, yet gritty sounds. The French voice has a sweet and deep nature to it. The Russians have a sharp and repetitive beat to their sound. You learn a lot about the state of the people’s nations that you wouldn’t get if you focused on the words and not their voice.


Find a song from any corner of the Euro-Continent and comment your favorite song! Share your experience, your story, your adventure. You’ll never know what you could learn if you don’t try something new.

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