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An Italian Mix

The past few weeks, I have been going through an Italian phase. There is something enchanting about the Italian voice. It’s gritty. It’s passionate. It’s moves like oil. It’s fluid and slow in its movement. 

So here are my favorite Italian songs and why I love them. At the bottom of this post, I included a full playlist to turn on when you want to go on an Italian adventure. Some songs may be a few years old, but most of them are current.


“You Did Nothing To Me”: Finally a Political Song that Touches the Heart

I love this song so much that I can’t turn it off. It’s that type of song you replay over and over again until you can’t listen to it anymore.

Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro join together for a male-male duet that fits and fights together at the same time. The combination is perfect for the song. Most political songs are about taking action but this one is about the state of the human condition and while the lyrics give greater insight, the feeling is just the same as knowing the words or not knowing them.

Notable Lyrics: “There’s a concert in France, people are having fun
Someone’s singing loudly, someone’s screaming ‘to death'”


“Unattainable”: Do I Text Him Back or Nah

Shade got ghosted and haven’t we all. The frustration of waiting for a text or a call from someone is perfectly summed up by rap-artist Shade.

This mix of rap with a dance-pop motif slowly builds up as the rapper intensifies his verses as the song continues.

He gives off a Macklemore swagger and singer Federica Carta joins in to balance his fast-paced anger into a bittersweet and slow reflection on the torturous wait that we can all agree is a waste of time and energy.

Notable Lyrics: “Yet still you never reply to me and never listen to me. You will always be unattainable.”

“Grand Love”: Grand Life

This is from 2015 and I don’t care. This opera-rock-pop combination changed my life. I saw Il Volo in concert and cried. I also had an almost run in with them in Times Square but I missed them by a near second and I cried again.

They’re different. They’re classic. They’re modern. They’re timeless. They’re my favorite.

Get captured in their eyes and taken away into an Italian vibe only they could provide.

Notable Lyrics: Tell me why when I think, I just think of you. Tell me why when I love, love only you. Tell me why I live, I live only in you, great love

Download and Follow

I did all the work for you! Here’s a playlist of all the best stuff in Italy. Follow it now and listen later when you get the chance. Go out and explore! Have more songs you love? Let me know in the comments.

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