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American Artist to European Sensation

American-Indie artist LP’s song “Lost on You” was expected to stay within a niche group but ended up exploding all over Europe.

I love my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. There, I find songs that I add and never tell anyone about. One day, I found a song that was so beautifully written that I may have cried the first time I heard it.

And yes, this song’s in English!

No one knew about this song; it was my secret jewel that I played in the car. Strangely enough, a year later, I was touring through Italy and I saw vinyl records of this song on sale at gas stations and there were posters of the artist everywhere and CD albums to buy.

How’d this happen?

So, LP wrote songs for Rihanna and Cher and some other big names. She created her own albums as well. She’s from NYC and lives in LA. She’s also an Italian-American.

But somehow, some guy in Greece heard “Lost on You” and loved it. He got the rights to play it on the radio and it spread faster than typical American-hit songs from artists like Coldplay.

From Greece, it spread all throughout the continent. It was topping charts in Poland, Romania, France, Turkey, Russia, and Switzerland. No one expected this. 

It was the fourth-most Shazamed song in the world!

But this shows the power of a song. Europeans saw value in her music that Americans didn’t and that’s a shame.

Before I knew it was an international hit, it was my favorite secret song that made my heart soar and never got old.

Add this song on your playlist. Listen. Try to find out why it succeeded in Europe and not in America. It’s truly something special.


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