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Russian Beats

What is Russian music like?

It’s great dancing music if you find the right song. It’s deep and it’s steady.

I like to play Russian music when I’m working on writing articles and essays for school assignments. The language is very sharp so even if a song is slower paced, the language keeps it exciting and moving. You can’t help but bob your head along the music.

It’s enchanting. Music in Russia is a lot like Poland’s but I must admit that it’s higher quality. It gets its influence from Soviet Disco Pop which is where all Slavic music gets its sound from. It uses a lot of synthetic instrumentations and electronic beats but since the end of the cold war, the vibe has deepened and has a darker tone.

See for yourself and download the Spotify playlist below.


Technically Ukrainian, Representing Belarus, but Sings in Russian?

Alekseev captures the Slavic sound really well. His music has that soft electro beat with the deep and dark sound alongside it. His voice is also edgy and keeps you on your toes. This is one of the songs I play in the morning when I’m tired and giving up. The mood of the song matches my mood but it doesn’t pity me like an American song would. It keeps me moving and reminds me that in the drudge of the day, I can still find energy to get through.

The music video is great. Watch it. The storytelling is beautiful, I promise.

He’s also performing Eurovision this year, representing Belarus. I have a lot to say about Eurovision, so be patient. I’ll explain another day.

In Peace with this Song

I love the rhythm of this song. I literally found it yesterday and I have to share it. When I was hyperactive, pumped to go home, and a little antsy from all my energy, I turned this song down and I was able to channel that energy into chillaxing, as one could call it.

The melody is beautiful and full of charm. It’s a little repetitive but it works with the song. It gives you the chance to meditate on the beat and song.

Download now, Listen Later

Here I made you another playlist so you don’t have to! If you want to save the music above or here some more, this playlist has it all. Turn it on while you’re studying or on the way to work or school.

Let me know what you want to hear next, or if you have any suggestions to add to the playlist!

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