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The Swedish Takeover of Music

The radio is on and the windows are down. Your friends are sitting in the back seat of the car heading to the beach. You all sing along to the newest hit jam and you are ready to just have fun.

The music in your car is upbeat, fresh, and energetic. This music just makes you want to dance the day away.

A photo of the snowy streets in Stockholm, Sweden.

If that’s the case, most likely that song was produced by a Swedish artist. The only thing American about it is the “big star” name attached to the song.

But sometimes, the music doesn’t need an American name. Tove Lo, Kygo, and Avicci are Swedish artists who are earning their big names in worldly pop culture.

They’re also bringing their sound with them.



In an interview with the New Yorker, Tove Lo explained the uniqueness of the Swedish sound. “(It has} clear but simple lyrics, is a lot about the melody, and also having a little bit of melancholy or a darker sense to it, to not make it too sugary or too bubblegum.”

The Swedes and the rest of Scandinavia are spreading the joy. The culture of Sweden easily transfers into the music. The pacing electronic beats and uncomplicated lyrics of Swedish pop shows how attractive their culture is. Scandinavian lifestyle is the ideal many strive for.

“When we 1). anticipate and then 2). actually experience a pleasurable response while listening to music, our brain reacts in distinct and specific ways to release the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine” -Psychology Today

Yet, they come to America to enter the largest music industry and bring their lifestyle to us. That’s a gift we should appreciate.

And it’s not just the Swedes. The Finnish, the Danish, the Dutch, and the Norwegians are also part of this movement of bringing Euro-dance pop into America.

These countries all are happier than America.

According to the World Happiness Report of 2018, Sweden has the ninth highest ranking of happiness in the world compared to the United States, which holds the number 14 spot. Finland holds the number one spot, while Norway and Denmark hold the second and third spot.

The findings are enough to show why the music is so energetic and uplifting most of the time.

We just can’t help it. Swedish music, and all of the music around the region, are some of my favorite. Yes, pop can be cheesy but the Swedes can make it beautiful. Kygo is one of the first artists whose music whisked me away into pop galore. His songs are mello and lyrical, yet you can still groove along. It’s beautiful.

Swedish music makes you sing and it makes you dance. That is an art form on its own.

Here are some of the hit songs you didn’t know was influenced in some way by a Swede: Maybe you’ll notice the joy and happiness and the depth of the Swedish soul. Also, I added Abba because what can be wrong with having Abba, the OG pop group, in there.



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