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Upcoming Swedish Hits You Should Be Listening to Right Now

The sunny-pop style is captivating listeners from Stockholm to New York. Sweden is dominating American music.  But what songs should you be paying attention to right now? 

You never know; maybe one of these songs will be the next summer hit.

Oh and don’t worry, it’s all in English.

A Little Bit of Island Sun

Kygo is back for the summer and this song is a good reminder of why we shouldn’t forget him.

It’s fun. It’s fresh. Yet, it still retains a deep message. This skill is what made me love Kygo’s music in the first place.

His sound is very distinctive, mixing island drum rhythms with Swedish sunshine-like sounds. No wonder Kygo has produced so many summer hits in the past three years. You got sun, water, and dance all in a span of three minutes.

All for this Music

Tungevaag & Raaban is a name that might be difficult to pronounce but you should learn how to say it because they’re catching momentum across Europe.

This up and coming Swedish group makes you just want to jump and let it all out for love. Their sound is catchy and intense, full of heart and full of repressed emotions bursting out from electronic soundscapes.

This is one of the best Swedish songs to come out for a long time ever since the recent burst of EDM music.

Every Single Day

I have been listening to this song every single day since I found it. It’s much less a standard Swedish cheery-pop tune but rather a soft ballad.

Ever leave someone or be left behind by someone? Ever think about them all the time and play different scenarios in your head? This song brings that feeling to sound. You may not want to feel like that but music is a mirror of the soul if that doesn’t sound cheesy, and helps with healing.


Did you see the post yet about Sweden’s takeover? Click here. Here’s a playlist of all the upcoming songs. Don’t forget to download or follow the playlist so you can listen later.

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