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Ten Best European Legends: RANKED

These have made history, inspired movements, and make you dance either way.These European legends are the best.

10. George Michael

Honestly, he shouldn’t be on this list. His hit song “Careless Whisper” is that tune that every one of your saxophone friends plays over and over again because they think they’re cool. But it’s still catchy and I hate to admit that I hum it in the shower.

9. U2

I’m honestly still mad about that iTunes album drop years ago.

8. Elton John

Because he’s the Rocket Man. That’s all I need to say.

7. a-ha

“Take on me” is my jam! The Norweigan band A-ha is catchy but still kind of dull. I’ll shout the take on me part really loud, any day, any where though.

6. Luciano Pavarotti

What a beautiful voice! Listening to Italy’s biggest opera star of the twentieth century is inspiring for anyone with a classier taste. 


5. Beatles

They’re the OG legends. They’ll never let you down. Strawbery Fields forever is a good jam to listen to.

4. Bonnie Tyler

I LOVE BONNIE TYLER. I SING TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART IN THE CAR WHENEVER I CAN. Okay, I’m alright. I promise. She is England’s golden girl.

3. Queen

They’re the King of rock. They chose the wrong name, but queens are more powerful sooooo? Maybe it works.

2. Cutting Crew

“I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” is my favorite song of all time. I sing it at every karaoke night, so if we go out for karaoke you already know what song I’m gonna ruin for you for life.

1. Abba

No question, they’re the best. Every song of their’s will make you sing at the top of your lungs and dance with all your friends. Listening and jamming to their songs can make you a dancing queen.

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