Eurovision Explained

Why should anyone watch Eurovision? It’s just a bunch of amateur singers wearing too much glitter, right? Well, sometimes. But truth be told, there is always drama worth living for. But what exactly is it?

Eurovision is a Song Contest

There are 42 countries that compete to have the best song. Most of the countries are from Europe but Australia and Israel are also participants. (Why? Don’t ask me!) This year it’s hosted in Lisbon, Portugal because Portugal’s representative won last year.

Here are some attributes of a winning song:

  1. Great vocals
  2. Stands Out
  3. It’s all about the staging and live performance

This is the best performance ever going behind the science of a winning song:

What the Competition Looks Like:

There are two phases of the competition: the semi-finals and the Grand Final.

The only guaranteed countries in the Grand final are Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and the previous winning country (Portugal).

Each act has 3 minutes on stage.

The ten best acts from the semi-finals will make the Grand Finale, one of the most watched events in the world.

What to Expect

  1. Use of digital effects for stage performances. That could mean light-up dresses, a giant tablet floor, or a human-size T.V. screen that makes the performer look like they entered another world. The creativity of stage performances is my favorite part.
  2. Hopefully, not another piano caught on fire. But do expect tons of flames. The contest has the most amount of firepower Europe has used since World War II.
  3. Songs about love. Sadly, you can’t avoid it.
  4. Terrible experimentation of music. I’ll leave that there.
  5. Songs that should have been in the final but the jury wouldn’t send it through. Be prepared for Twitter wars.

Quality vs. Cheesy

Eurovision has a reputation for cheesy music. I watch it for those 3-5 songs that stun me. There’s always at least one.

This year I have to give my favorite over to France. It’s simple but original. It’s chic and oh so very French. It’s also very catchy and enjoyable. I catch myself getting into the song every time I hear it. It even has a great message about showing mercy to the Syrian refugees.

Eurovision is…













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