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Two Leading Artists take Sounds from Congo and Make It French

There are some songs that when you hear them, you think of one thing: Paris. Yes, most of these songs are the ones you hear in French cafes while eating croissants and drinking a cup of espresso. There are violins, accordions, and a subtle guitar. Oh, the romance of Paris!

France has been following after America in hip-hop since the 80s and some artists have been transforming the French style to become more distinct and more obvious that it’s French. But these artists are drawing their influences from the Republic of Congo.

Here are the artists you should know:


This Belgian artist was influenced by Jacques Brel. Stromae combined his Belgian inspirations with Congo sounds to produce a new sound that leaves you the image of France in your head after listening.

His lyrics focus on the rhythm of the French language rather than the English, something he got from Brel.

The Congo sounds are evident in the drums and stringy electronic music. Yet, the poetry and rhythm of the lyrics give his style that classic French feel.

Here’s the link to his Spotify:

Maitre Gims

Born in Congo, Maitre Gims moved to Paris when he was two years old. He is one of the leading stars in France’s hip-hop industry.

His voice is deep and soulful, yet he doesn’t slow down his songs. He keeps his music rhythmic and paces it so it goes by quickly.

Definitely, one of the best music suggestions I ever got.

Here his Spotify link:


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