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Avicii’s Death Leaves a Hole in the Music World

The world lost an artist today. The Swedish DJ Avicii has passed away in Muscat, Oman earlier today. The reason behind his death is still unknown.

His real name is Tim Bergling.

Earlier in a blog post, I wrote about the Swedish influence on American music and it was Avicii who was one of the leaders of the movement. He was able to mix original Swedish sounds with American folk styles. He basically invented EDM.

Sweden is a leader in the industry and it’s such a shame the world no longer contains him.

Here are his career highlights:

Wake Me Up:

This international hit was the first time country music could also be electronic. This was one of the most innovative pieces in the pop world in the past decade.  After this song, everyone tried to copy it and do what he did.

Without You:

This song helped me get through a rough breakup. It made me dance, feel independent, and gave me confidence in being single. I will always be thankful for him because of this song. It’s a shame we are now without you.


Thank you Avicii. Thank you for the energy you have given the world. Thank you for your creativity, the type that makes us break boundaries and see new worlds.

Hey brother, rest in peace.


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