Israel’s Anthem for the #MeToo Movement

This song is a direct message to men who abuse their power. It’s about self-independence and freedom for women. Israel’s 2018 Eurovision entry is making waves across Europe and is a top contender to win the multinational song contest.

“I’m not your toy
You stupid boy
I’ll take you down
I’ll make you watch me
Dancing with my dolls
On the MadaBaka Beat
Not your toy!”

Netta, the representative for Israel, mixes European dance-pop with her Hebrew language and adds to it Asian influences from South Korea and Japan. It’s catchy. It’s upbeat. It’s liberating. 

The most interesting aspect of the song is the chicken sounds. WAIT WHAT?! DID YOU SAY CHICKEN SOUNDS?!

Why yes, I did.

The sounds are symbolic of the cowardly nature of men who use their power over women to silence them.

“It’s so funny how people are caught up with that. It has a double meaning. The noises are supposed to imitate the voices of a coward — a “chicken”. Someone who doesn’t act the way he/she feels and treats you like a toy. Baka is also ‘stupid’ in Japanese,” Netta told WiWiBloggs.com. 

Check out the song here:

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