_MG_8366 copyBonjour! Ciao! Czesc! Willkommen! Hello! Welcome on board Flight 727 where Apple EarPods and Beat headphone wires are the jet trail left in the sky. You either have been to Europe, saving up to go, or just want a sound of something new. This blog is a place to discover music without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to cross the Atlantic.

My name is Bernadette Berdychowski and I will be your flight attendant. I grew up in a strictly Polish home in Florida and currently live in New York City. I take the subway
every day and turn on some European playlist to calm my mind. For me, music has always been a transformative tool in stirring my heart. I went to the Leadership Conservatory for the Arts and studied classical, a little jazz, and contemporary ensemble pieces. After learning from master composers and musicians, I applied it to my everyday listening to music and would explore international pop music and what made them beautiful.

So put on your seatbelts, plug in your headphones, pull your seat forward, and take a step back into an audio experience that will take you out of your usual sphere and onto another continent.